August 2014

Minnesota Coalition of County Law Libraries (MCCLL)

Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2014, 9:00 am – 12:00 am

Meeting hosted by Chairperson Pauline Afuso; Refreshments provided by Shannon Stoneking; Meeting Minutes taken by Mary Freyberg


In attendance: Pauline Afuso, Liz Reppe, Shannon Stoneking, Mary Ellen Gallagher, Mary Freyberg, Suzanne Larson and Sarah Galligan, Guest Speaker Lindsay Davis


  • Shannon shared a letter she received from Lexis requesting a copy of any and all current contracts for the provision of legal research vendors. Because this is public information, Liz recommended that she speak to the County Attorney.
  • Pauline brought up the shipping and handling charges that Lexis is billing. A small package had a $90.00 S&H charge
  • Sarah commented on the reversal by Lexis regarding the Dunnel’s supplement and return to the practice of pocket parts. Liz mentioned that she forwarded that information to CRIV.


Ombudsperson for American Indian Families

  • Jill Kehaulani Esch visited The Dakota County Law Library and left brochures. Jill is available for programs about the ICWA.

Hennepin County Law Library

  • Liz and Sarah met with Ed Carroll to talk about changes at HCLL. Lois Langer Thompson (Director of Hennepin County Library) will report to the HCLL Board. All staff will remain. Liz has requested a copy of the Consultant’s Report.
  • Liz has placed a personal request for information from the Data Practices Committee.

Lindsay Davis

  • Lindsay is the new Director of the MSBA Access to Justice. She came to talk about the survey that was sent out by an intern and more information about Civil Gideon strives in Minnesota.
  • The survey has now (with assistance from the State Law Library) been sent to all staffed law libraries in the State
  • The reason for the survey is to get an idea of what clinics and programs are now being offered.
  • Lindsay is working with a Task Force that produced a report in 2011 on the state of Civil Gideon in Minnesota
  • Lindsay has 3 goals: 1. Educate the Bar and public about Civil Gideon 2. Explore more about what can be done for brief advice clinics 3. Form a long-term plan for action or reform for the right to civil representation
  • Lindsay has been working with activist John Pollock of the National for a Civil Right to Council:
  • Lindsay asked if anyone in this coalition would be interested in working on this committee and Shannon volunteered.
  • Sarah asked about the MSBA and their interest in promoting the unbundling of services
  • Lindsay encouraged MCCLL to contact the MSBA and encourage the Task force to address this issue.
  • Liz alerted the group that Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged ( LADD) has prepared a document regarding unbundling


  • Sarah distributed flyers for the 2014 Senior Legal Fair on September 19th. Liz volunteered to work the 10-12:30 shift. Sarah will set up and take down the MCCLL table.
  • Sarah shared a one page informational flyer she distributed to the Bench regarding Access to Justice and Ramsey County Law Libraries role and resources for SRLs.
  • Liz congratulated Sarah on the AALL Award for her work on behalf of pro se litigants. (YEA Sarah)
  • Mary congratulated Sarah on the great Pioneer Press article about Sarah and the Ramsey County Law Library (YEA again)
  • Sarah shared the feedback from her program at the AALL Convention. Here are some of the suggestions:
  • Short radio programs
  • Train the trainer programs
  • Reach out to public librarians
  • Create an A-J Caucus
  •    Gather Lib Guides
  • Hack-a-Thons
  • Change Name of LISP to Access to Justice

New Business

  • Shannon has completed work for her MLS- CONGRATS to Shannon.
  • SLL has a part time position available.
  • Liz has been appointed to the Public Access Rules Committee.
  • There is a new a pilot for appellate e-filing – through the appellate courts. Ramsey CA is a participant in the pilot.
  • Liz will be visiting Duluth and will meet the new Law Librarian.
  • Washington County examined the possibility of adding $5.00 fee to parking tickets, but decided it would generate little revenue. They are now recommending an informative workshop for the Commissioners. Pauline is examining creative ways to reduce the budget.
  • Pauline reminded everyone that AALL Call for Proposal deadline is October 6th– maybe we could do something about nontraditional outreach

October Program

  • Possible locations: Cottage Grove, Westcott, Southdale, Chanhassen
  • Topics for the program include : a Social Media presentation by Danielle from the SLL, a Networking presentation from Ellie Krug, a Probate presentation from Judge Monahan(sp?) or attorney Kathleen Brown- Shannon will contact, A what’s New session- MLAO, New 4th District FAQ’s, a short role –playing elevator speech presentation ((hopefully including a return of our beloved “cat lady”- Pauline, Mary and Susan will work on this program




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The Myth of Disruptive Technology – 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Interesting post on 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. Reading it made me think of the struggle libraries are having with e-books.

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Rebooting Legal Research in a Digital Age

Interesting article on LLRX – Rebooting Legal Research in a Digital Age, By Steven A. Lastres It discusses the findings of a survey of how digital natives tackle legal research.

From Steven’s article on LLRX:

Key findings from the survey:

  • Newer attorneys spend more than 30% of their time doing legal research
  • Approximately 50% of associates think legal research should be a larger part of the law school curriculum
  • Over 80% of associates use an extensive range of content from traditional primary law and secondary materials to News, Court Transcripts, Verdicts, Dockets, Public Records and more.
  • Legal Classification systems are rarely used (only 12% begin with a legal classification system)
  • Attorneys use free online research resources but spend most of their time, over 8 hours per week using paid-for online research services.

The paper is posted here:


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Washington County October CLE


Washington County: October 27, 2010; 12:00-1:00 pm.   

“Elder Abuse in Washington County”

Presented by Kari Lindstrom and Wendy Murphy, Assistant Washington County Attorneys

One standard CLE credit will be applied for. 

More information.

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Debt Collection Rights Clinic


Tuesday August 24, 2010, 3:30 – 7:30 pm

Stafford Library, Rooms A&B

 8595 Central Park PlaceWoodbury, MN 55125

•Are you being harassed by debt collectors?
•Has a lawsuit or a judgment been filed against you by a debt collector?
•Are your wages or bank accounts being garnished even though you receive public assistance?

Washington County Library will be hosting a Law Clinic to help community members who are experiencing debt problems. Attendees will receive brief legal services, including the chance to speak with an attorney and assistance in filling out appropriate legal forms.

(Sponsored by the Minnesota Justice Foundation, Washington County Law Library and the Washington County Library)

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Events – July CLE Washington County

UPCOMING CLE’s Washington County: July 28, 2010; 12:00-1:00 pm.   Clayton Robinson, Assistant Director – Prosecution Division, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.
“The Visual Trial: Legal and Practical Considerations for the use of Visual Demonstrative Evidence at Trial”
One standard CLE credit will be applied for.  More information.

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Events – April CLE Washington County

UPCOMING CLE’s Washington County: April 28, 2010; 12:00-1:00 pm.   Julie Roorda, Esq., Ballou Law Partners, Minneapolis, MN and Royee Vlodaver, Esq., Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC, St. Paul MN.  “Overview of Immigration Issues Related to: Family, Criminal, Business and Employment Law.”  One standard CLE credit will be applied for.  More information.

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