Minnesota earns national grant to enhance access to justice system

Minnesota has been selected as one of seven states that will receive a grant from the Justice for All Project, a national initiative aimed at improving access to the civil justice system.

The grants will support each state awardee in forming partnerships with all relevant stakeholders in the civil justice community and beyond to develop state assessments and strategic action plans in order to implement Resolution 5 on Meaningful Access to Justice for All passed by the Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators.

Project leaders believe that Minnesota was selected for the grant based on the state’s long-standing commitment to ensuring access to justice, and the robust civil legal service infrastructure already in place in the state. This includes:

  • The Minnesota Judicial Branch’s Statewide Self Help Center and regional self help service centers.
  • The state’s civil legal aid organizations, which provided legal services to more than 48,000 families and individuals statewide in 2015.
  • Online court resources through the Minnesota Judicial Branch website, www.mncourts.gov, and additional legal resources through the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition website, www.LawHelpMN.org. This includes online document assembly tools through the Minnesota Judicial Branch and legal aid, which assist litigants filling out common court forms.
  • Access to justice initiatives through the Minnesota State Bar Association, including working to secure more stable funding sources for civil legal aid, and supporting both state legislative funding and Minnesota becoming the first mandatory Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts state in the country.

Read more about the grant at the State Court website, or about the Justice for All Project at the National Center for State Courts website.


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