Appeals Clinic now with Extended Hours

The Appeals Clinic sponsored by the Minnesota State Law Library has extended its clinic hours. and now will run from 1:30pm-4:30pm starting on January 19, 2017.  The clinic typically is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the State Law Library. In addition, a limited number of phone appointments are available for those who cannot travel to St. Paul.

The Appeals Clinic helps self-represented litigants with the rules and procedures required by the Court of Appeals.  Volunteer attorneys can help with questions relating to:

  • deadlines
  • what papers to file
  • fee waivers
  • motions
  • appellate briefs
  • service of process
  • what the court will review

To get help from the clinic, customers can sign up for a time to meet with an attorney starting at 1:00 the day of the clinic.  For self-represented litigants unable to travel to St. Paul, there is limited telephone service.  Please call the State Law Library for more information at 651-297-7651.

There is no income-qualification requirement to attend this clinic.

This clinic is a brief advice, not a full-service clinic.  The volunteer attorneys can answer questions, but are not required to represent you in your case.

The Appellate Practice Section of the Minnesota State Bar and the Minnesota State Law Library have collaborated to create this free appellate clinic for self-represented litigants. Clinic attorneys are volunteers, and are note endorsed or approved by the Minnesota Judicial Branch.


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