About Us

Chapter 134A of the Minnesota State Statutes provides for the establishment and maintenance  of County Law Libraries.  In addition, the Minnesota State Law Librarian is required by Minn. Stat. 134A.16 to advise and assist development of county law libraries throughout the state.  Together, the County Law Librarians and the Minnesota State Law Library have combined to create the Minnesota Coalition of County Law Libraries.

Our group meets periodically to discuss issues pertinent to county law libraries as we work to provide assistance to the Bench, Bar, and general public.  Individually, each county law library provides legal advice clinics or educational programs for its residents.  Collectively, every year the core group of county law librarians and the State Law Library sponsors two educational programs for library and legal information professionals.

We have a brochure that will tell you more about the County Law Libraries in Minnesota..

Please feel free to explore our new website.  We invite you to contact your local law library if you have further questions.

Revised September 20, 2017:psa

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