A. Purpose.

The purpose of the Minnesota Coalition of County Law Librarians is to provide a forum for policy discussion; information exchange; county law library improvement and mentorship; professional development; and to assist and act as an advisory body to the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Minnesota Judicial Council, Judicial Administration Directors, the State Court Administrator and county court administrators.

B. Definitions.

In these bylaws, the following words and phrases have the meanings indicated.

1. “County Law Library Manager” means an individual professional law librarian whose primary responsibility is that of the head librarian charged with the administration of managing a county law library for any county in Minnesota.

2. “Coalition” means the Minnesota Coalition of County Law Librarians.

C. Membership.

1. FULL MEMBERSHIP. The Coalition shall consist of County Law Library Managers who wish to join; the Director of the Minnesota State Law Library; and the County Law Library Program Coordinator of the Minnesota State Law Library.

2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. The Coalition may also consist of other county law library staff, including non-librarian staff assigned with the responsibility of maintaining a county law library. Law Library Board of Trustee members may also be associate members.

D. Quorum; Meetings; Officers

1. QUORUM. To convene a meeting, at least five full members of the Coalition must be present. Presence at a meeting may be in person or via teleconference.

2. MEETINGS. The Coalition shall meet at least 3 times per year, and at least one of these meetings will include an educational program for all who staff county law libraries. Teleconference meetings shall be allowed to meet this requirement.

3. OFFICERS. The Coalition shall select a chairperson and vice-chairperson every two years. The vice-chairperson will assist the chairperson, and in the absence of the chairperson, the vice chairperson shall act as the chairperson during the term. A recorder shall be appointed at each meeting to take minutes. Minutes will be posted on the MCCLL website.

E. Voting; Amendments.

1. VOTING. Each participating full member shall have one vote. Associate members will not have voting rights. A simple majority of full members is required for passage of a vote. Voting may be done by electronic means conducted at meetings, by mail or electronically.

2. AMENDMENT. Amendment of these bylaws shall be done by majority vote of the full membership.

E. Duties

The Coalition shall meet to:

l. Exchange ideas and views on matters relating to public policy, the operation, management and leadership of county law libraries including, but not limited to: county law library standards, coordination of collection development in acquisitions, retention and disposal of library resources, library funding, service to the public, and libraries as partners with the courts in providing access to justice through education and the provision of legal information;

2. Provide advice and make recommendations to the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Minnesota Judicial Council, judicial administration directors, the State Court Administrator, the legislature, and county court administrators, as to legislation, rules or policies intended for the improvement of the overall administration of county law libraries; and

3. Provide a forum for professional development and mentoring of county law library staff members.

Dated: __________________________

Last reviewed 12.1.2016:psa

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