Events – April CLE Washington County

UPCOMING CLE’s Washington County: April 28, 2010; 12:00-1:00 pm.   Julie Roorda, Esq., Ballou Law Partners, Minneapolis, MN and Royee Vlodaver, Esq., Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC, St. Paul MN.  “Overview of Immigration Issues Related to: Family, Criminal, Business and Employment Law.”  One standard CLE credit will be applied for.  More information.



Legislation that could impact MN County Law Libraries:

There is proposed legislation that could divert funds from Law Library surpluses to courts. 

See HF3648

Looks like the funds would be for general facilities: 


Minn. Stat. 484.77 FACILITIES.

The county board in each county shall provide suitable facilities for court purposes at the county seat, or at other locations agreed upon by the district court and the county. The county shall also be responsible for the costs of renting, maintaining, operating, remodeling, insuring, and renovating those facilities occupied by the court. The county board and the district court must mutually agree upon relocation, renovation, new construction, and remodeling decisions related to court facility needs. The state court administrator shall convene court and county representatives who shall develop written model guidelines for facilities that may be adopted in each county.